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What if your child wants to adopt a pet? How can we ensure that the newcomer is treated in the best possible way? Pense-Bête is a new tool from the Walloon Region for raising awareness of animal welfare, developed in partnership with Its objective is to make children aware of the needs of their future companion animal through different activities to be done alone or with an companion (parent, teacher,...) and specialist advice. It can be used alone or in the classroom. Designed for teachers, parents and animators, Pense-bête offers all these activities online, offline via downloads, and even only on paper. A complete educational pack is also available.


How to use it

The child starts with answering questions about the needs of their future pet in order to assess their knowledge. An adoption license is granted if the quizz has been passed. The child then has to imagine what their pet thinks in different situations illustrated in comic strips. Help is available through attractive pedagogical video clips. Finally, the child has the opportunity to try again to get his adoption license with all his new knowledge!

Reliable information

Pense-bête must provide reliable information in order to guarantee the well-being of the pets that are or will be adopted. This is why the advice available on the platform is based on a thorough knowledge of the needs of these animals. All the fact sheets and video clips are based on a lot of interviews with pet welfare professionals. The pedagogical method has also been discussed with specialised pedagogues in order to promote a better approach to animal welfare.

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